Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training Association is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization which sponsors activities designed to further the art and sport of dressage and combined training in the Birmingham, AL area. BDCTA is a Group Member Organization (GMO) of the US Dressage Federation (USDF).


All 2015 & 2016 members should have received the slate of nominees for the 2016 Board of Directors.  If by chance you did not receive the information, attached you will find the Bio's on all the nominees and a ballot to cast your vote.  All votes must be mailed, postmarked by December 1, 2015, and received no later that Thursday, December 3rd, 2015. The new 2016 Board Members will be announced at the Christmas party in December.

 Board of Directors Nominees        Board of Directors Ballot

BDCTA follows USEF/USDF/USEA rules for all schooling shows. Our shows are held as a fun, learning opportunity to both introduce people and horses to dressage and prepare riders for recognized shows.

Western Dressage is recognized by the American Morgan Horse Association. Additional information can be found at the North American Dressage Association, Cowboy Dressage with Eitan Beth- Halachmy or at The Western Dressage Association of America (click for links). Guidlines for judging can be found here (click for pdf link).

Gaited Dressage: General information about gaited dressage can be found at the National Walking Horse Association. We will be following the NWHA rules (click for link). Other useful information on what to look for in different gaits can be found at Gaited Horses (click for link).


Dressage Trail: The dressage trail test and information on the specific obstacles that will be included will be posted soon. Obstacles will not include tarp to walk over, but may include cones, rope gate, poles, bridge, mail box or fluttery bags.  General information and examples can be found at Queen City Dressage, Central Washington Dressage, and Lendon Gray's Youth Dressage Festival.


Prix Caprilli:check back for more info!


Musical Kur: check back for more info!


Driven Dressage: check back for more info!

Links to the dressage tests can be found under the Dressage Tests link to the left.Looking for the dressage tests for your  iPhone? There's an App for that! (click for link)


For descriptions of the different volunteer positions needed to help make our show a success, please click here (link to pdf). If you can help with any of these jobs, even for a few minutes please let us know!

For those that have not shown in a while, or if this is your first Dressage Show, take a look at the Dressage Protocol from the USDF (link) for some great information. Other useful links are Riding your first Dressage test from the Indiana 4H and Pony Project and Show Etiquette from PVDA (PVDA has lots of other great resources too!).

REFUNDS: Entry fees will be refunded minus Secretary Fee with a veterinary letter at any time. Other circumstances will be considered on an individual basis. No refunds for inclement weather.

FIRST AID: At BDCTA events where jumping will take place, paramedics and an ambulance will be on call.

NON-COMPETING HORSES: Will be permitted on show premises. Please inform the receiving secretary & provide a $10 fee and a copy of a negative Coggins test for each non-competing horse.

AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded for Places 1-6 in each class. Champion and Reserve Champion for each level will be awarded at the discretion of the management.

CONCESSIONS: are  generally availible at our shows, please check the Class list for specific information.

ATTIRE: No coats required. Braiding optional. Tack and apparel should meet USEF guidelines, with accommodations for pleasure, western & gaited participants detailed on the website. All horses should be flat shod, no pads except therapeutic allowed. No boots allowed (including bell boots).

HELMETS: BDCTA follows USDF/USEA/USEF rules for helmet use. ASTM/SEI approved helmets are required for all riders at all times, except for those individual riding a horse only at the FEI levels in dressage. Western rriders will follow the USEF/AMHA rules which require riders to warm up in a helmet and switch to a western hat for their test if they are over 18. An approved helmet is required for all riders when jumping. Medical armbands & saftey vests are stongly encouraged when jumping. (click here for medical arm band form).

VOLUNTEER: BDCTA shows are run by volunteers for our members and competitors. As you know it takes a lot to put on a great show. If you, a friend, or a member of your group can spare a few hours to help, please let us know. BDCTA members can earn ‘BDCTA Bucks’ & must earn a minimum number of hours to qualify for year-end awards.

MISCELLANEOUS: All dogs must be on a leash, supervised and stay in the show area only. The show will be conducted following USEF/USDF rules, with NWHA & AMHA rules for the gaited & western divisions. Music for freestyles must be provided to the secretary’s stand a minimum of 2 hours before your ride.


As always, we are in need of volunteers to help keep the club running & growing! Please see the Volunteer section for available opportunities. Benefits of volunteering include earning BDCTA volunteer bucks, hours for awards, the opportunity to be involved in the workings of the club & knowing you made a difference!

Remember, BDCTA is a volunteer driven organization, without our members we would not exist!

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